Standard security measures for our entrance doors

Standard security measures for our entrance doors

When it comes to ensuring our home’s safety there are multiple aspects we must take into consideration. Hereby, we would like to enlist some of these aspects for you.

Employ standard security measures

You wouldn’t believe how far normal common sense security measures can go. This simply means, have all family members check if the doors and windows are properly closed and have them use all the locks on the entrance door as well. Most of the time these are enough to deter opportunistic burglars from entering. The majority of burglary happen with buildings where doors and windows are consistently left open. If you employ just the basic check and lock system, the risks will be much lower.

Have a real good home insurance

Home insurances can largely differ from each other. Many offer better conditions while others offer worse conditions. Therefore the first and foremost always check out what an insurance offers, how much it covers and what its basic conditions are and don’t instantly decide to get the cheapest insurance, because oftentimes the cheapest is the worst sort of insurance with tons of exclusions.

Improve your locks if necessary

While British Standard locks are not a must-have, they can definitely come handy when it comes to getting a good home insurance with better conditions, oftentimes with discounts even. Well informed certified locksmith services in Bournemouth will be more than happy to check your locks, let you know what locks would need to be changed and which are still good. A real good Bournemouth locksmith will also inspect your door frames, the jambs and the overall condition, to let you know if any parts would need some extra reinforcement. The same goes for the windows, the addition of extra protection, such as window locks or grills to apply extra protection.

Get protective hedges all around the fence and under the windows

Nature can protect you very effectively when it comes to it. Hedges are a very good example for that. While sporting a beautiful outlook oftentimes with lovely flowers some of the hedges, such as hawthorns or blackthorns have over 1-2 inch long thorns. This means, that noone wants to get close to these, ever. Getting close to such hedge is such a harmful memory noone forgets easily. And with this, these also provide no place to hide either. Therefore let these hedges work their protective magic over your home and you have instantly made an important step to naturally improve your home’s security.

Fake cameras and security alarm system stickers work effectively

Get some protective stickers and install dummy cameras in your main entry area. They will instantly dissuade most burglar right from the start.

When you are away get someone to visit frequently

Make your home look lived even when you are out for a longer period of time. Lights turned on and visitors can instantly reach this effect. This way, your home will not feel or look empty.