4 red flags of a bad locksmith service

4 red flags of a bad locksmith service

Not all of us are familiar with locksmith services but there are a couple of giveaways which are clear red flags telling you that the locksmith who is to work for you is not a real professional. Let’s see some of the key red flags of a locksmith service Bournemouth.

Noone has ever heard of or worked with them

If someone is literally unknown, not really owning a website, has no published company number or reviews, means that it is not a real locksmith service but rather a scam. The big problem with such scams is, that not only you would pay often large amounts of money for a lock to be installed very badly, but also, you will need to pay an extra to get it fixed by a proper locksmith service in Bournemouth. Also there is an issue that some of these unreal locksmiths would only use their visits, in order to see what a family does have, then pass this information on to some burglar groups who will have no issue taking out a badly installed lock. For more information on how badly installed locks would look like, check out examples of bad locksmith work online. If a locksmith service has no positive or even negative reviews, it can be questioned whether it’s a legit service at all.

The locksmith service is not MLA approved

The majority of a locksmith’s job is actually to repair poorly installed locks installed by unprofessional also called as Rouge Traders. Unfortunately in the UK, locksmith business is not really regulated. That’s why there are so many scammers who can live out of providing poor quality jobs for years. MLA (Master Locksmith Association) is currently the key organization in the UK, who provides an extra approval for quality locksmith services who need to meet some hard criteria in order to be approved. This approval is one of the key signs of a real, reliable Bournemouth locksmith service. In addition, on the MLA site you can check for any locksmith and the website would let you know if the locksmith service is really enlisted or not. If they fail to prove they are MLA approved, they are likely unprofessional.

Don’t present with invoice and lock paperwork.

Every approved locksmith service needs to have a good bookkeeping and as such they are obliged to provide you with an official paper of their service and the locks also don’t have their respective papers, it’s for sure not a real certified locksmith. There are some specialty locks the keys of which can only be copied if you present with their special card you get when the lock is installed. If there is no card, you will likely not be able to get a copy of those keys at all.

Not reliable

Who don’t show up on time, if at all and also fail to inform you about it, those who won’t answer the phone even when they promise to provide 24 hour emergency services.