Smart ways to protect you home while being on holidays

Smart ways to protect you home while being on holidays

The biggest issue with being on holidays is, that our home looks and feels empty which is a calling sign for many burglars who prefer to rob houses like this as they have a ton more time and they can work almost undisturbed.So, what can you do to prevent this from happening? Let’s give you a few tips and tricks to prevent burglary from happening while you are away.

Make your home look lived in

Leave some energy efficient lights on or night lights of those kind giving pretty much light but are safe to leave turned on.Today’s light systems can be remote controlled with an app in your phone even, so if you leave for a longer time, consider installing these. Light is always a sure sign of a home not being empty,therefore these homes are less prone to being robbed.

Clear your home from all valuables

Remove all valuables and take these to a close relative or a very close friend to take care of them. You can also rent a safe in your bank to ensure the safety of your belongings. Do not think you have hidden something so well, not even seasoned burglars would find these. Seasoned burglars know all well what the places are where people generally hide their valuables. Home safes are also not enough, especially if they are small and moveable. You will sleep much better knowing there is nothing of high value to rob.

Make a Home Insurance

If you haven’t had a home insurance before, now it’s time to get one. Read the clauses especially the list of exceptions when the insurance company won’t pay. Get a good locksmith in Bournemouth who is familiar with insurance expectations to make your locks up to par.Home insurance can help you cover at least a part of the restoration work and the value of your belongings if your home gets robbed even when it’s protected with the best up to date locks by an experiended locksmith service in Bournemouth.

Call a friend or family member over

If you have a good friend or relative who is trusted and who lives further from you, you can ask them to come and live in your home while you are away. This way, you home will not get empty and you will also help your friend/relative have a holiday in your home.

You can rent your home

Systems such as Airbnb are perfect to rent your home. You don’t even need to be there and if you are lucky enough you will get a booking that covers your own holiday stay. Even if not, if you can get a friend or family look out for cleaning and hand over the keys then there will be no problem at all. People who leave for holidays for months often rent their home out for someone who looks for short term rent through agencies who make sure the person who is to rent your home is trusted.

Of course, these are only a few tips but they can help you save your home from burglary while you are away.