Vacation home security tips

Vacation home security tips

According to various reports and statistics from all across the world, there is one thing in common in most countries: the peak season for burglars is August. Obviously this is also the season when most families, couples and individuals go on vacation. Houses which are left behind while the owners are away are especially attractive to thieves of all sorts. Therefore let’s share a couple of security tips for you, to avoid falling victim to a burglary.

Get all your locks checked

If you are already in touch with a trusted and certified Bournemouth locksmith service, call them and ask them to come around and help you check for vulnerabilities in your home security. It’s essential however that you call a locksmith in Bournemouth who is very well known and highly trusted, certified because unfortunately there are some small, lesser known locksmith services which gave the occupation a bad name by cooperating with burglar groups.

Make sure someone goes around every other day

Be it a friend or a family member it’s essential that someone goes around if not on a daily basis, then every 2-3 days, ensuring the post if collected alongside anything which is commonly left by the door (a common sign for burglars letting them know of a house being empty) this is also a good thing if you leave plants or pets behind who need extra care in your absence.

Play with lighting that you can remote-control with apps

Lighting systems which can be controlled by apps are getting more and more common. The good thing in these is, that you can turn the light on and off. You can also get this system supported with a live camera system which you can also check through your mobile phone. This way it’s even easier to check on your home regularly.

Consider installing an alarm system

Alarm systems, especially those which are connected to the police are more and more frequently used. As per statistics, houses with alarms are 3 times less likely to be robbed. Even if you don’t really have an alarm system or not a connected one, support its existence (or non-existence thereof) with stickers on the window or front door informing visitors of the alarm system. Most burglars would not want to check whether the statement is true or not.

Plant natural barriers

This may sound funny, but if anyone of you got ever caught by a hedge with inch-long thorns or spikes, they know there is nothing funny in that situation, it’s painful and sometimes getting out means losing some of your clothes along the way too. Blackthorns, wild roses, hawthorns and other popular hedges have managed to prove that they are some of the best burglar deterrents when planted along the fences and under the windows. These dense bushes also serve as brilliant fences to protect your privacy. You can also get them insta planted which means, they come being large ready to give you protection. If you are away for weeks, make sure someone waters them once or twice a week along with the whole garden.