Showcasing local traders with a fantastic array of food and drinks and merchandise! We are looking for unique stalls offering great quality and value food, drinks, crafts, pampering and beauty services,produce and other merchandise and services that would be of interest to our festival goers.

Pitches are 3m x 3m. Please note you must provide your own gazebo, table and chairs. There are six stall zones at the festival. Please choose the most appropriate zone for your products/services. Note: if you will be offering hot food for consumption at the festival, you must be located in the food court. If you only offer tea/coffee/cakes you may choose a pitch in the other designated food area ( zone 5). Purley Festival reserves the right to assign a more appropriate pitch if we feel your choice is not suitable.

There is a 10% discount offered for bookings made before 31/12/16

Main Area

Our Main area, including all 3 music stages is where most of the spots available for stalls are located. We divided them into 6 zones : ( Food and drinks, Sports, Crafts and small business with a mix of stalls up the top of the field by the acoustic tent.) There are a limited number of pitches available in each category and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  We will let you know within 48h of your booking whether your booking was successful and allocate your pitch. Please note that we may have to relocate you within the same zone if we find that there are stalls that are incompatible next to each other  – a jerk chicken stall next to homemade cup cakes for example.

Children’s area

Due to building work taking place on the Christchurch School grounds the children’s area is moving back onto the main field at the top end. In addition to the children’s activities there, there are 15 pitches available.  All pitches will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

click HERE to open a larger version of the map


Pitches are reserved using an online shopping cart system. Choose the pitch you require from the full size map  then select that pitch via the red dot on of the interactive maps on the booking page (there is one map for each day showing the available pitches) and click on “view details” and add it to your cart.

Once you’ve added it to your cart, you are then given the opportunity to add the same pitch on the second day if avilable, along with power should you require it.

A typical pitch booking with power for the two days of the festival weekend should have a total of four items in the cart when you check out (Saturday stall, Sunday stall, Saturday power, Sunday power)

You can submit details of your public liability insurance and risk assessment at the time of ordering if you wish, and food stall holders can submit their council registration details, and food hygiene certificate(s)

Whilst you don’t need to add them at the time of booking, you must add these to your registration before the festival weekend or you will not be allowed on site, nor given a refund.

To ensure a good diversity of produce, we will book upto a maximum of two similar businesses for each day. So far, we have reached the maximum quota for the following business types:

  • Temporary/Henna tattoos
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Chiropractors & Osteopaths
  • Forever Living health products
  • Crepes/pancakes

Please note if your business is of the above type, your order will be rejected.

If you need electricity for your stall

Your own power generators are not permitted onsite due to Heath and Safety regulations but we do offer an option to book your electrical supply with us. You can book your power supply via our booking form when booking your stall. If you are unsure what power you need, please get in touch. Note you will need a power booking added to your basket for every day you are attending the festival.

  • Single 13A socket outlet (3kw max) – £19 – this is for plugging in one appliance like a kettle
  • Twin 13A socket outlet (6kw max) – £31 – this will allow you to plug in the equivalent of two kettles
  • Ceeform 16A single phase – £36 – This will take a bouncy castle or a kettle and a microwave,
  • Ceeform 32A single phase – £48 – this is for catering vans or where a lot of powered catering appliances are being used.
zone Power available Cost per day
Zone 1 (stalls 1-17) Food court Yes £150
Zone 2 (stalls 18-33) Crafts & gifts Yes £55
Zone 3 (stalls 34-38) Misc Yes £55
Zone 4 (stalls 39-51) Local business and organisations No £55
Zone 5 (stalls 52-56 ) Food stalls (top of field) Yes £75
Zone 6 (stalls 57-66) Misc Stalls No £40


Online booking is now available. If for some reason you can’t book online and pay with a credit/debit card,  please use the contact form to get in touch.

  • Facilities

    • There is a fresh cold water tap on the site.
    • Public toilets will be provided on the day
    • St John’s Ambulance and first aiders will be in attendance
    • SIA Licensed security staff will be on-site throughout the festival
  • Product variety

    To ensure we maintain a good variety of produce we are restricting the number of stalls offering the same kind of goods to two pitches in each zone. These are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We will endeavour to place the two stalls offering similar products a good distance apart, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Additional information for stall-holders selling food

    Stalls preparing and selling food are subject to additional regulations from the local authority.

    You must:

    1. Register the premises or vehicle where you prepare your food with the council. If you are based in the Borough of Croydon you can find the registration form and more details here otherwise see your local authority website.
    2. Staff preparing and selling food should have food safety training.
    3. Read the council advice on food safety and catering at outdoor events.
    4. Read the Food Standards Agency advice on the law on food safety for businesses
    5. Complete the Council food safety checklist prior to the event and bring the completed form with you

    We will require proof of your council registration before the festival weekend as a stall selling food or you will not be allowed on site.

Terms and conditions

  1. The Stallholders are responsible for providing their own gazebo, tables and chairs, the Festival only provides the pitch space. All stalls must be set up in a way that complies with Health and Safety laws.
  2. All Stallholders are required to provide proof of their public liability insurance and a completed risk assessment document before the festival. If you do not provide this information you will not be allowed on  the Festival site on the day and no refunds will be issued. You can find a template risk assessment document here. There are additional requirement for stalls selling food – see the separate section.
  3. Full payment is required at the time of booking – we accept payments via Paypal or credit / debit cards. If you want to make a booking but are unable to use either of these payment methods, please get in touch.
  4. We reserve the right to relocate your pitch within the same zone to avoid having unsuitable stalls in close proximity ( like jerk chicken and cupcakes)
  5. All suppliers and stallholders operate between the hours of 12.30  and 20.00 on Saturday and 12.30 – 18.30pm on Sunday. If you want to leave before this time you must get permission from the festival organiser so that a safe exit plan can be agreed
  6. The stall space should always be kept free of litter and up to 20 m around it. Food stalls must provide bins.
  7. No personal generators are allowed on site. If you need power for your stand, you will need to order it with your pitch booking
  8. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested.
  9. The use of LPG is to be restricted to that which is required. Spare cylinders should not be kept on site unless in the open air and must be secured from tampering (check with festival staff on the day)
  10. All stallholders must arrive at their allocated time and have cars off site by the time advised. Vehicles will not be allowed to park up on the field other than for initial stages of delivery and removal from site unless it is necessary to your stall i.e. food stalls. Access back onto the site is at the discretion of the festival organisers but would not normally be allowed until the event closes to the public
  11. All stallholders must inform festival organisers if they have a vehicle which must remain on site.This has to be agreed at the time of the booking. The festival retains the right to refuse this request if the vehicle is deemed not necessary or a danger.
  12. Although Purley Festival site will be patrolled overnight by a private security firm, Purley Festival will not be responsible for any damage or loss to Stallholders property, should you choose to leave it onsite overnight.
  13. Cancellation policy: a full refund will be given up until 6 weeks before the event (deadline 18th May). No refunds will be given after that time.
  14. Food prices will be monitored throughout the festival. Anyone charging above the recommended prices (£6 adult meal, £3 child meal) will be asked to adjust their prices or leave.
  15. Please note the park is on a gentle slope throughout – please keep that in mind
  16. The festival does not guarantee the commercial success of any stallholder.

Stallholder’s FAQs

Purley Festival weekend is held  in the Rotary Field and Christchurch School playing field. The address is Rotary Field, Brighton Road, Purley, CR8 2BN.
There is no parking on site, there are car parks in the town centre which are marked on the map below and residential area parking. Car park parking is approximately £6 per day. Please check on the pay and display in residential streets for prices and parking time limits.
Purley is south of Croydon, and at the Junction of the A22 and A23. Please check on a map for how to get there. The post code is CR8 2NU.
The train station is 10 minutes walk away and the bus stop is right outside the Festival site.. The stop is Montpelier Road. Have a look at and for more details on bus and rail times.
We cannot tell you exactly what the footfall will be but it has been between 1500 and 3000 people per day over the last three years.
We cant tell you how much money you will make as it depends on the popularity of your product, pricing and the way you market it.  Over the last few years, most stall holders have been happy with their sales over the weekend. Please read the marketing tips and advice below so you can attract as many people to your stall as possible.
The festival is run by volunteers and is a not for profit organisation.  The entry is  as suggested donation of £2.50 for adults and £1.00 for children.
We aim to have only two stalls selling the same product but in the case where think that another stall offering a similar product in a different zone would enhance the Festival this will be considered.
You will need to pay by Credit/Debit card via PayPal at the time of booking, or via BACS/Bank transfer within five working days